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Master of the Sea

Delta Marine’s 216-foot yacht Invictus

Delta Marine’s 216-foot yacht Invictus has all the makings of a supreme charter vessel.

When it launched last summer from the Delta Marine shipyard in Seattle, Invictus made a big splash. At 216 feet long, the yacht—whose name is Latin for “invincible”—is one of the most impressive U.S. builds in recent years. It has six decks, a range of 7,000 nautical miles, and a steel hull that allows navigation through icy waters. The yacht’s owner, a prominent U.S. businessman whose last yacht was a 148-footer built by an Italian shipyard, was adamant about having his next yacht built by a U.S. company. In 2010 he commissioned Delta Marine to construct a vessel that would comfortably accommodate his extended family. Consequently, Invictus is also well suited to large charter parties. It sleeps as many as 12 guests, who will be tended to by the yacht’s 20 crew as the vessel charters in the Mediterranean this summer and the Caribbean this winter.