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Well-Traveled Treasures

Jill Newman

Every destination has its own distinctive spirit—its unique combination of landscapes, light, and cultural aspects that sets the tone for travelers. The personality of a place changes our outlook and our mood—and, more often than not, prompts us to change our attire. Yet while everyone makes sartorial adjustments when journeying from, say, a beach club on the French Riviera to the bustling avenues of New York City, not all sojourners pack jewelry with their itineraries in mind. Some discriminating women, however, recognize that no personal accessory is more responsive to its surroundings than a fine jewel, whose color and luster can shift with the environment. When the entrepreneur Lee Keating settles in Fiji for the summer with her children, for example, she wears a single, long strand of Mish’s gray or white Tahitian pearls with a bikini and sarong. “It’s my summer uniform, and I’d rather wear these gorgeous pearls casually on the beach than for dress-up,” she says, while noting that, when at home in Aspen, she prefers large, colorful pieces. With world travelers like Keating in mind, we have assembled a tempting array of unique designs that will enhance the ambience of any destination—whether it be London or Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro

The vivid backdrops of Brazil call for vibrant, intense gemstones in lengthy, fluid shapes that move with the rhythms of Rio. Alexander Tenzo mandarin-garnet pendant on a necklace of rhodolites, spinels, and diamonds, $125,000, and 60-carat pink tourmaline set in a spinel-and-diamond ring (far right), $85,000 (917.514.6919, www.tenzo-jewellery.com); Mish multistrand apatite briolette bracelet, $16,800 (212.734.3500, www.mishnewyork.com); Sidney Garber multistrand necklace with green-onyx and white-gold beads, price available upon request (855.742.7237, www.sidneygarber.com); Lorraine Schwartz parrot cuff in black diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, $275,000, and ruby earrings, $140,500, available at Bergdorf Goodman (888.774.2424, www.bergdorfgoodman.com).

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