1 Riv. Moisie

The Moisie-Eau Dorée salmon outfitting camp has exclusive Atlantic salmon fishing rights for 21 kilometers along the imposing Moisie River. The main lodge is located on an island at the junction of the Moisie Dorée rivers.There is no access road to the Outfitter club which preserves the natural beauty of the site and its exclusive character. The Moisie river is one of the longest and most beautiful rivers in eastern Canada and one of the fourth most beautiful river in the Word. It meanders through deep and scenic gorges for about 400 kilometers. It's falls, rapids, springs and the absence of industries and residences maintains the wilderness character. The Outfitter camp is located about 60 kilometers north of Sept-Îles upstream of the famous Cran Serré fall. Its site offers a view of the mountains, the valley and the river with its amazing beauty and wildness. The camp can accommodate 6 fishermen. A satellite camp is set up 9 kilometers upstream from the main camp. This allows for fishing until dark, sleep on the premises, and being on the site for the next morning fishing before returning to the main camp for lunch. The Moisie river is renowned worldwide for the size of Atlantic salmon which has made this camp a favorite site for the experienced fisherman. In June and July thousands of Fresh salmon passes by through it. Due to its far-off, difficult to reach location in the wild, the Pourvoirie territory is seldom hunted and is teeming with game hunting, particularly moose, bear, not to mention small game such as grouse, hare, etc... Hunting there is definitely productive. The hunting is good. With 410 km length, the Moisie river rises in Opocopa lake in eastern Quebec, and flows south to the St Lawrence River. Its average flow is 490 m3/s. The current is strong and fast in its numerous rapids. Its deep and rugged valley is covered with spruce, fir, birch, aspen and pine. This is one of the best salmon and trout river throughout eastern North America. -The outfitter club has three camps that can host up to 14 customers and six employees. - The main lodge can accommodate up to 6 clients and 6 staff members.



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