Estate - North of Portugal

Excellent property in the Douro Region, with about 20 hectares of olive groves. The estate is south with stunning views over Spain and Barca d`Alva. It confines with the Douro river in about 400 mts, featuring water pumps and three intercalated water containers for irrigation. From the agricultural point of view, this estate in the North of Portugal has appropriate soil and climatic conditions to the wine production, as it is located in the Douro Region, reaching between 125 mts and 350 mts above sea level. It also has two houses in schist, in the final stage of construction, which can be used for rural tourism.<p class='url'><a target='_external' href=''> For more information, please visit this property's website </a><span class='icon-link-visit'>­</span></p>



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