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Apulia - Located on viale a. MORO which runs alongside the railway, is approximately 1 Km from Monopoli. This is a MASSERIA dating back to 1800, regular and square plan. Vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors "CHIANCHE" well-preserved, dry. Wooden door with access to the central courtyard and a square shape to regular and easy ramps in the climb. In vain for the kitchen there is a fireplace and the well where to draw water, with pulley and bucket. From this room you reach the roof terrace or plan "BELVEDERE". Annexed to the estate there is a fenced and protected CITRUS GROVE. The basement floor is accessed from the outside and are stable with troughs, wagon shed and open mills for oil, as well as other rooms. An integral part of a HYPOGEUM in the basement with many ventilated environments from the mouths of Wolf, for an area of 800 sqm/700 The terrain at the service of 20,000 sqm is.



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