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Apulia villa situated in the context of the coastal belt of the territory of Castellaneta Marina (Ta - Italy), a tree-lined area that lies in the detailed plan, Bosco Pineto, a pine forest that consists of a large number of Pinus Pinatter, a kind of popular maritime pine in the area. The waterfall that marks the entrance is made with scenes of arched and decreasing wall allowing you to Park motorbikes and bicycles and water play acoustically and visually reminiscent of the tank at the back. All rooms are distributed around the pool. The villa is spread all the way to the ground floor and consists of two large living rooms, placed behind the tub and two night areas, located along the perimeter walls. The large stained-glass window overlooking the garden and the glass containing the swimming pool, which looks almost like an aquarium, make possible the entry of significant amounts of light inside. The light filtering through the water, radiates the walls of interior spaces, creating color changing and different reasons depending on the time of day and weather conditions. Dynamic effects deriving therefrom create a feeling of expansion of spaces, allowing those in the business have boundless views of water, sky and greenery. Finally, to reinforce and complement the presence of the four natural elements (water, air, Earth and fire), was at the center of the living room a charming fireplace. The pool was built above ground pool and relevant space constituted by the coverage of the whole villa terrace -. Top the shape recalls that of a shell in which the circular central part is the actual body of water consists of several levels. In particular, areas less regular, circular outer ones, have a depth of 0.20 m, while the rectangular part inscribed in the circle, the real tank, consists of two levels, the first 2.00 m deep at the stained glass and the second depth of 1.40 m. The pool is equipped with a series of accessories such as the whirlpool session and a fountain made of stainless steel, called "cobra". Bring the tub edge at a height of 4 meters, has allowed, during the day, increased insolation, bearing in mind that the entire villa is surrounded by pine trees, while in the evening, the presence of particular scenic lighting effects and a wet bar, allows you to create evocative atmospheres.



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