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Apulia-OSTUNI (BR)-MASSERIA CANTOR the ancient Masseria plant, dating back to ' 400 and historically related to the family of Zevallos, has come down to our days preserving all its original charm. in his time, the Farm was the center of rural life, a beating heart in the landscape of the countryside and its inhabitants. Entering inside, all there to speak in a new language but understandable since everything here is peace and serenity; each stone was placed lovingly and with wisdom from the hands of men who lived hundreds of years ago while the distant echo of its history still echo between the walls.The restoration of these environments has respected fully the initial feature of the ancient Masseria Cantor, bringing to light the stone vaults, leaving intact the ancient frescoes and floors but with all modern options, such as comfortable and refined bathrooms, air conditioning/heating, minibar, safe and LCD TV with DVB-t.Will be simple and natural relax in green spaces surrounding the farmhouse, under the shade of olive trees and pomegranates or walking between unspoilt paths of his campaigns.Its position makes it particularly suitable to reach the sea mountain biking or visit the nearby park of coastal dunes featuring Mediterranean beaches, places that lend themselves well to suggestive horseback riding, while its proximity to Ostuni can facilitate visits and excursions in the famous White City and other equally beautiful places such as, just for example, the Valle d'Itria.Just because the ancient Masseria Cantor is located in beautiful countryside typical ostunese, respect of nature is at its Foundation: we use solar panels to heat water, rain water recovery for the irrigation of gardens and a specific system for wastewater recovery while saving is also ensured by innovative technologies and the use of low-consumption light bulbs.



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