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Apulia-the entire 2 and last floor + terrace - garden of pertinence with sliding gates + parking at street level for 2 cars of a Liberty Palace (approximately mt20X18 for a total area of 360 square meters gross + 360. The entire Palace has undergone a complete renovation and construction works. Given the generous size and imposing structure, the building was transformed into a prestigious residence which tie in the style more handsome art deco period.CONSTRUCTION: PART Entrusted the work to company specialized, were expertly uprooted doors, parquet, flooring, coatings, screeds, plaster and plants, was set up and drowned in the new self-levelling screed and termoconducente the heating system warm/cold coil of one of the best Italian companies, Giacomini, were remade tracks and passing water pipes and electricity by incorporating large junction manifolds with predispositions for hydrothermal, audio, video, computer, telephony, security and whatnot for using all the equipment available to the dwelling, redoing the plasterwork with the old system of mixing lime and tuff powder more environmentally friendly than current breathable plaster ready.Floors and walls: In all environments dominates the large square marble by 2 cm. thick and expertly cut in various sizes to open spot to create stunning designs, from a single block of white marble from the quarry Michelangelo, beautified in every major compartment with decorations and friezes by using other precious marble, black marquinia, which he also did the baseboard, to green india, red laguna, a mosaic depicting the carpet/Eastern Dragon and pietra serena he with its antique brass thresholds and a live survey divides the various environments as they used once. In the bathrooms and steam bath are in the form of an imperial Brown Marble Mosaic and glass-mosaic purple and lilac while the walls of the House are covered with fabrics and wallpapers are different from environment to environment but they connect with one another, giving the effect of a volute.Ceilings and decorations: with its 4 mt high times. The dwelling was to be decorated in different shades and ceiling with cornices and rosettes. The use of special profile frames and various plaster roses from France, hand painted with various enamels expertly chosen by an architect experienced in the restoration of old houses, gave birth to the "Heaven" of the different environments for each bride the right combination: look at the top is impressive!Terrace/GIARINO: not yet finalised according to the original design in green, has the same apartment size and also here were remade the bed and flooring by using the stone of Fasano to form Palladian and geometric patterns. Adjacent to two external access from the landing to the terrace, two structures have been constructed gazebo in Swedish pine wood lacquered in white with sloping roofs and one copper gutters and along the boundary walls has been placed in a continuous frangivista made of braided iron, interspersed by small and lovely views with decorated panels in lacquered white always, where to sleep vases for flowers. Also the terrace is served by complete systems: electric and lighting from a hydrothermal low along the boundary walls, electrical outlets, TV and telephone, by provision for videophone and programmed irrigation of green. It was created a lining covered where to stay: a water reserve at a constant pressure independent of the autoclave of the Palace, a boiler gas for thermal use of the terrace, a chiller for cooling system and an uninterruptible power supply that operates throughout the House in case of mains power. Were made, inside a gazebo, heated bathroom with shower, a kitchenette and an outdoor shower with hot water. Another wall on the other side, under the second gazebo, is equipped with water and power connections to the use of another cooking zone.



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