A World for Artful Souls… in Santa Monica Canyon where renowned painter Sam Francis had his Home and Art Studio

Newly created, the unforgettable eco-sensitive Two Home Compound is as inspiring, imaginative and energizing as Sam’s paintings. Thru the gate ...a Zen world of waterfall walls, glass walkways over streambeds with lilies and koi, explosive Japanese gardens laden with exquisite natural sculptures. Both Artful Homes creatively embrace Nature: light filled voluminous spaces free the soul… one feels at peace enveloped by incredible beauty and unbelievable imagination.

Architect Christopher Sorensen, AIA, committed to natural materials: 500 year old Reclaimed Teak floors, walls, ceilings and cabinetry, hand carved stone vessels and baths and everywhere the unusual windows, light wells and entire walls of glass open to allow Nature inside (even the pebble stone salt water pool beaches in the Kitchen!) The impeccable taste and unquestionable quality throughout are evident by the finest in fittings, appliances, hardware, furnishings and mechanics. The jaw-dropping bathrooms and custom closet cabinetry - well, wait ‘til you see! And for color, eclectic furnishings a la Sam’s paint spattered studio floor add the finishing smile.



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