Home Tour: Dressed to the Nines

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For his ninth house for a longtime client, Guy Dreier designed a singular desert retreat accessorized with his “handkerchief” roofs and other signature flourishes. 

This Palm Desert, Calif., vacation home is the culmination of Guy Dreier’s relationship with a very good client: The architect had already created eight other residences throughout the western United States for the individual and his wife. For the ninth house, “he allowed me to do pretty much what I wanted,” Dreier says. “We agreed to do something spectacular, and he turned me loose.” In April, after nearly two years of work, Dreier completed the 7,500-square-foot symphony of steel, granite, and glass. It incorporates his signature grace notes—stone, geometric forms, pools and aquariums—and punctuates certain notes in particular, such as the sweeping roofs that he fondly refers to as “handkerchief thin.”

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