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Chimay Triple

One of just eight Trappist breweries in the world—six of which are Belgian—Chimay exemplifies the centuries-long tradition of utilizing the purest grains, hops, and yeasts and practicing extreme care during every step of the brewing process. The Chimay brewery also uses the profits from its beer sales to benefit the community surrounding the Chimay principality’s Scourmont Abbey in southwest Belgium, where Cistercian monks have been brewing Chimay beer since 1862.


Chimay Triple, often referred to as Chimay White or “liquid gold”—and identified by “Cinq Cents” on the label of the 750 ml bottles to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Chimay principality—represents the brewery’s most heralded efforts in this tradition. It pours a firm, long-lasting, and flavorful head, which gives way to a smooth presentation of clove, coriander, and a bouquet of fruits. Its strong 8 percent ABV carries magnificently across notes of banana peel and caramel, which are accentuated by the lingering carbonation. This beer is worth celebrating. (; prices range from about $12 to $16 per 750 ml; check your local beer merchant for availability)