Barley Wines

Firestone Walker Sucaba 2013

This English-style barley wine is thick and syrupy and offers big bourbon and malty characteristics. Sweet alcohol vapors are accompanied by scents of freshly baked bread and dark chocolate. Toasted coconut, ripe black currants, and raisins are among the deep, rich flavors. (13% ABV; $17 per 22 oz.)

Stone Quingenti Millilitre Old Guardian 2011 Vintage Batch No. 3

As a result of resting in bourbon barrels for nearly two years, this thick and dark barley wine is replete with notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak, and there is a hint of tannins. A healthy amount of bittering hops helps balance the malty body. (11% ABV; typically about $25 per 500 mL)

The Bruery White Chocolate

Aged with cocoa nibs and vanilla beans in bourbon barrels for nearly a year, this wheat-based barley wine is thick and rich, but it is light in color and has a Champagne-like sprightliness. The nose is filled with tropical fruit and tart Belgian yeast. Flavors include honey, vanilla, and a white-chocolate finish. (14.75% ABV; $30 per 750 mL)

Rogue Big Ass Barrel Braggot

This deep and rich barley wine has a surprisingly bright feel on the mouth—like cream soda—delicate tart notes, and orange zest contrasting with aromas of toasted nuts. Creamy oak flavors across the palate balance tastes of caramel, brown sugar, and molasses. (12% ABV; $13 per 750 mL)

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