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A Bloody Revelation

    Recently, the finest Bloody Mary purveyors have taken to the sea. They’re plucking oysters from their shells and using them as the pièce de résistance for their interpretations of the classic cocktail. We readily admit that not all trends are worth following; however, this is one we fully endorse. After all, the organic flavor of a Bloody Mary is not far from the combined flavors for many of the condiments offered with a platter of oysters on the half shell.

    But why stop there? It stands to reason that if an oyster can serve as the ideal finishing touch to a Bloody Mary, then a Bloody Mary should perfectly complement an oyster. With that in mind, we conducted an experiment and dressed our oysters with premade Bloody Mary seasonings and mixes in various forms.

    The following two methods were among our favorites, and we’re certain that you’ll enjoy them as well.

    • Add a dash of Demitri’s “Extra Horseradish” Bloody Mary Seasoning to each oyster for an impressive kick. You won’t need to use much, and that’s a good thing—the rest can be saved for its intended purpose: to provide an ample constitution to your standard brunch-time libation.
    • While McClure’s is best known for its spicy and garlic dill pickles and relishes, the Brooklyn- and Detroit-based purveyor uses its leftover brine as the base for an exceptional jarred Bloody Mary mix. Sure, you could spoon some of the mix onto your oysters directly from the jar, but we suggest a different route. First, freeze the mix into cubes; then shave them to produce a spiced Bloody Mary granita. The crystallized condiment adds a dose of heat to your oysters, but it also helps to keep them cold. That’s a win-win in our book.