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Closing the Deal

Happy Valentine’s Day, New York. Today is about love, lust, and outrageously high expectations.  Some will fall short, but some—a savvy few who know to take their dates down Doyers Street—will likely succeed.  The mad chemists at Apothéke, the city’s favorite opium-den-turned-cocktail-bar-that-changed-America, are ready to equip the romantically ambitious with the only tool they’ll need: The Deal Closer.

This cocktail of cucumber, vodka, mint, lime, and vanilla essence makes for a refreshing—not to mention highly satisfying—libation.  The secret ingredient: Epimedium, which is better known as horny goat weed or rowdy lamb herb. While there’s little scientific evidence to support the herb’s aphrodisiac qualities, dubious research shows that several rabbits found it highly effective. That’s good enough for us.

Apothéke takes pride in its “farm-to-bar” credo. Every ingredient is sourced from local farmers markets, the bar’s own rooftop garden, and—for aphrodisiacs—an undisclosed Chinatown tea shop.  Enjoy, and good luck; though something tells us you may not need it.