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Coming Full Cercle

If baseball is the great American pastime, making exceptional red wine may well be the national pastime of France. With such a storied history, French winemaking doesn’t often make headlines—unless, of course, prestigious awards are won or record-breaking sales are made at auction. An exception recently occurred when Le Cercle Rive Droite—the representing body for the premier Merlot producers of the Right Bank—joined forces with Le Cercle Rive Gauche—the premier representation of top Cabernet winemakers of the Left Bank—to create the Grand Cercle des Vins de Bordeaux. To date, almost 200 châteaux make up this new, comprehensive organization. “The Grand Cercle wines are united by a code of practice,” says Alain Raynaud, the group’s founder, “with obligations ranging from the meticulous care of the grapes during harvest to the protection of the vineyards and dedication to a minimal carbon footprint and to a continued question for innovation.”

The organization is about to embark on a mini U.S. tour, with the intent to unveil new vintages and to introduce consumers to the exceptional, though reasonably priced Bordeaux wines. The first stop on the tours takes place in Los Angeles, at Casa Del Mar on April 7 (click here to purchase tickets). The organization will then set up shop at the Manhattan Penthouse (80 Fifth Ave.) on April 9 (click here to purchase tickets) before the tour’s culmination in a Miami event at the Intercontinental Miami on April 10 (click here to purchase tickets).