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A Day of Bacon

In New York City, bacon is religion, a sin, a gateway drug, and sometimes the main attraction. The city’s recipes that feature this indulgent pork product are as diverse as its citizens, and quite frankly there are too many to mention. For a day complete with bacon-laden dishes at every meal, we present the following road map. We admit that this barely scratches the surface of bacon bliss—but it’s a start.

Breakfast – Bacon Buns at David Burke Kitchen

You’ve had bacon for breakfast, but not like this. A double dose of bacon finds its way into the pecan sticky buns served during brunch at Burke’s SoHo eatery. The sticky topping is made with brown sugar, maple syrup, and bacon fat, while crispy bacon pieces garnish the top. “I wanted to do something that incorporated the best of both worlds in one item,” says Zac Young, the restaurant’s pastry chef. “Bacon is a perfect contrast to something sweet because it provides that salty, savory component with a crunchy texture.”

Lunch – A Better BLT at Frankies Spuntino

The thin, crispy pizza bianca from Grandaisy Bakery hardly seems hardy enough to contain the many strips of bacon (sourced from Faicco’s Pork Store in Brooklyn), the crisp lettuce, the juicy farmer’s-market tomatoes, and the generous slathering of mayo that make up this BLT that is served at both Frankies Spuntino locations. But the bacon acts as a solid foundation, stabilizing the sandwich and delivering that salty, smoky flavor with every bite.

Dinner – Top Chef Magic at Talde

The two-time Top Chef contestant Dale Talde isn’t about to do things the way everyone else does. Pad thai might be served in hundreds of restaurants around the city, but at Talde—the chef’s Asian-American spot in Brooklyn—diners aren’t required to choose between tofu, chicken, or beef. In fact, they’re not presented with any choices at all. Instead, Talde serves up a pad thai accented by bacon and crispy oysters. Ordinarily we’d scoff at such dictatorship, but Talde’s culinary oppression is nothing short of spectacular.

Late Night – Bacon and Beer at BarBacon

After spending time at the Breslin and the Four Seasons, Peter Sherman turned his attention to bacon, opening up BarBacon in Hell’s Kitchen and creating a beer-and-bacon flight, which pairs craft beers and artisan bacons from around the world. According to Sherman, beer and bacon just belong together. “They complement each other extraordinarily well,” he says, “with the beer cutting through the fattiness of the bacon, and the salt of the bacon enhancing the flavors of the beer.” His favorite pairing at the moment? Jalapeño bacon and Left Hand Milk Stout, which he says works because the milky finish of the stout tapers the spice from the jalapeño.