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Game Changers

Some people excel at foosball. I am not one of them. Maybe it’s due to a lack of experience playing the game, or perhaps it stems from a lack of confidence when those handles are in my grasp; all I know is that once the ball is dropped, my usually reliable hand-eye coordination completely disappears. I’d have a better chance of scoring a goal with a shot kicked from 50 yards out—one that draws into the top left corner of the goal—than I would of winning a foosball match against a semi-competent opponent. And I’m no soccer player.

That being said, I can still appreciate the game and recognize a gorgeous table when I see one; and Teckell, an Italian crafter of artisan game tables, produces half a dozen models that are among the most luxurious in the world. The company was founded as the result of a collaboration between B. Lab Italia, a multidisciplinary Italian design laboratory, and Davide and Gabriele Adriano, who founded their namesake design firm Adriano Design in 1997. As Gabriele explains, the singular goal of the collaboration was “to turn table football into a jewel.”

Teckell’s foosball lineup ranges from a crystal-glass-and-aluminum table (the Cristallino, $19,800) available with a black, green, or transparent field, to a crystal-glass-and-wooden table (the 90esimo Minuto, $14,900 to $15,200). “We’re the only ones in the world that are crazy enough to create a crystal-glass foosball table,” says Gregg Brodarick, one of B. Lab Italia’s founders. A miniature coffee-table version (the Intervallo, $5,900 to $6,900) also exists, as do variations in crystal glass, wood, and aluminum. In fact, the company also makes a limited edition, gold-plated version of its Cristallino table ($28,000), as well as a limited edition model with an American flag-painted field ($21,800). “Teckell is more than just a work of art, it is an object made to be enjoyed,” Davide Adriano says. “The game is beautiful, the action exhilarating, and the sound of the ball against crystal is fantastic.”

A Teckell table won’t improve your skills as a player, but it will immediately improve your game room. That much is guaranteed.