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Ernest Hemingway once offered the advice that we should all do sober the things that we said we would do when we were drunk. That, he said, would teach us to keep our mouths shut. Of course, remaining silent isn’t always that easy. In those moments around the bar when you’ve likely started to say something that you realize you might regret—or when you’ve found yourself smack in the middle of an awkward situation that you would much rather avoid—MotoArt Studios’ F-4 Ejection Barstool can help.

Okay, so it won’t really help. The seat can no longer eject its inhabitant out of dangerous or—in a drinker’s case—awkward situations, but it’s unequivocally cool. The seats are sourced from retired F-4 Phantom II fighter jets, one of the most popular jets in U.S. history and a Cold War icon. The first F-4 took to the sky in May 1958, and because it was capable of carrying as much as 18,650 pounds of weapons on nine external hard points, the Douglas-built aircraft immediately became an important weapon for the United States. Numerous branches of the U.S. military used the multipurpose aircraft during the Vietnam War, and it remained the United States’ superior fighter jet throughout the 1970s and into the 1980s.

The F-4 Ejection Barstool is available in two versions—an authentic model ($10,500) that shows off the seat’s age and gritty nature, and a mirror-polished iteration ($13,500), which requires more than 100 hours of labor. According to Dave Hall, MotoArt Studios’ managing director, the ejection-seat barstool is one of their most requested items, but because of Department of Homeland Security restrictions, fewer than 30 seats are currently available. “It has a certain appeal to it,” Hall says. “Not only is it incredibly green and historical, but men are attracted to it because the thrill of flight is in everybody.”

If you want a great conversation piece for your home bar, there’s no denying this is the barstool that can provide it. Just remember, that ejection handle may be a unique feature, but it won’t get you out of trouble. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!