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Jiro Dreams of This Stuff

There’s a reason that many of the city’s master chefs flock to Tribeca whenever they need a new sharp edge. It’s there on Warren Street that the Japanese kitchenware and home-goods company Korin sells a vast array of cutlery—blades that are reliable (often collectible) and boast a rich history that connects to the katana, a sword once wielded by samurai. While many articles have been written on this topic, less attention has been paid to the brand’s equally outstanding tableware, glassware, and kitchen accessories.

Since the late 1970s, Japanese food culture has greatly influenced U.S. cuisine; rituals once reserved for traditional Japanese restaurants are now being performed in homes (and NYC-size apartments) across the United States. For all you home cooks in Manhattan, the following products should be all the proof you need that a visit to Korin isn’t just a good idea—it’s a necessity.

Making the Cut

If you’ve already invested in a high-quality cooking knife, we commend you. But if you haven’t upgraded your cutting board, what are you waiting for? A high-quality synthetic cutting board will help you maintain the durability and sharpness of that prized chef’s knife for longer. Not only that, it will take stress off your hand and make cutting even easier.

Proper Pours

If you’re a spirits or wine enthusiast, chances are your passion has extended beyond the liquid to the chalice that holds it. You have wine glasses for specific varietals and various-sized snifters for Cognacs and scotches, right? So why are you pouring your sake into nondescript shot glasses or ceramic mugs? Fortunately, a quick trip to Korin can make that a thing of the past. The store offers a variety of sake-specific pouring bottles and glasses, some of which are cut from crystal, onyx, and gold. Trust us, your sake will never taste better.

Boatloads of Fun

Whether you’ve mastered the art of sushi rolling or simply know which restaurants deliver the best sushi to go, nothing elevates your at-home sushi enjoyment more than the Nashiji Hami sushi boat. With its black lacquering and red and gold detailing, this over-the-top serving platter is both classic and elegant. It surely will impress your guests, whether you rolled the fare yourself by hand or masterfully presented that takeout order before their arrival.