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Oysters and Absinthe: A Love Story

There is a love story that exists between oysters and absinthe, and it unfolds in a quiet corner of Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. With more than 30 varieties of oysters and the largest absinthe program in New York City, Maison Premiere creates the ideal environment for the succulent rendezvous. This is where you come in, dear absinthe-drinker/oyster-slurper. Once you’ve taken your seat at the cozy horseshoe-shaped bar, the affair becomes a delicious ménage à trois.

“There are two types of absinthe,” explains Maxwell Britten, Maison Premiere’s head bartender: “blanche, which is lighter and more delicate in style, and verte, which is robust in flavor and has more intensity.” As for how and why absinthe and oysters play well together, Britten attributes it to the herbaceous flavors of fennel, wormwood, and anise that comprise the botanical spirit. And because the flavor profiles of the two absinthe varieties are so different, many pairings are possible. “Blanche absinthes are great with East Coast oysters, complementing their more briny and salty notes,” he says, “while verte absinthes work nicely with West Coast oysters, highlighting their sweet flavor and creamy texture.”

Oysters, absinthe . . . we love you. Call us.