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The Perfect Penetration of Pear

Having fun with cocktails is all in the experimentation. There are only a small number of classic cocktail categories, from which thousands of variations are born—fixes, sours, highballs, juleps, and others—which means it’s the inventive uses of alternative ingredients that make a cocktail unique. One such ingredient—one that we’ve been having fun with recently— is Xante, an oak-aged Cognac infused with Belgian pears. Its makers describe the spirit as “the intimate result of a ménage à trois between the finest French Cognacs, the affection of French Limousine Oak with its touch of vanilla, the perfect penetration of pear, and the slow tender mating process which seals the great conception.” Intrigued? We hope so.

Xante’s rich, honeyed pear notes make it a provocative alternative in cocktails that typically call for Grand Marnier or Cointreau (adding a splash to a classic margarita does wonders as well). Chilled and served neat, Xante also makes a great aperitif or dessert libation, especially for those with a sweet tooth. Our favorite application, however, is a cocktail that is, to our knowledge, nameless:

  • 2 parts bourbon
  • 2 parts Xante
  • 1 dash ginger bitters
  • 1 slice apple, lightly seared with a match

Combine bourbon, Xante, and bitters in a rocks glass, top with ice, and garnish with the apple slice.

As for what this cocktail should be called, we’ll leave that up to you. For now, we’ll just call it delicious.