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A Rotating Menu

    The twirling spits of a rotisserie are among the most ancient of all cooking tools, and the fare being served at Rotisserie Georgette, a new restaurant on the Upper East Side, serves as a reminder that those spits have not gone out of style. The restaurant is the brainchild of Georgette Farkas, and it delivers succulent, refined comfort food with a French accent. With a rotisserie stationed proudly in the center of the establishment’s open kitchen, the source for such decadent food is anything but a mystery.

    The champion dish on the menu, Poule de Luxe, is a handsomely bronzed whole chicken that serves two and is stuffed with wild mushrooms and topped with a generous layer of seared foie gras. The perfectly tender bird is served with a roast-chicken jus, though diners may find little use for it. Nevertheless, it adds one more level of decadence to an already indulgent dish.

    For an unforgettable Rotisserie Georgette dining experience, we offer the following suggestions:

  • Farkas manages the front of the house, which means she’s the one welcoming you at the door. Be sure to say hello. In fact, this is the perfect time to thank her in advance. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did. The food is that good.
  • If a suckling pig (with a bacon-onion marmalade and red-wine jus) or a leg of lamb (with a niçoise-olive stuffing and roasted-vegetable jus) tickles your fancy, you’ll need to place your order three days in advance. (Each option serves six guests.)
  • For those seeking a unique venue for an intimate dinner party, consider the private 10-person Rotisserie Salon.
  • If you live within 10 blocks of the restaurant and would rather dine at home, delivery service is available.