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Saving Your Smokes

    It’s happened to the best of us. With a supply of distilled water always at the ready—and with extra support from Boveda packs at our disposal— we fight the good fight against evaporation and attempt to lovingly care for our collection of prized cigars. But tragedy can strike for even the most devoted collectors using top-of-the-line desktop humidors.

    Maybe lengthy travels have kept you away, or perhaps the polar vortex discouraged you from enjoying a routine evening smoke out on the patio. Whatever the reason, there’s a chance that when you open your humidor to hand out your favorite cigars during the Super Bowl’s halftime show, you’ll be met by dried-out Cohibas, Fuentes, and Padróns. While properly aging a cigar in consistent humidity can enhance its flavor, a dry-out can weaken a cigar’s taste, distort the balance of its burn, and—in extreme cases—weaken it to the point that it simply flakes to pieces in your hands.

    Fortunately, Liebherr—an engineer of mining equipment, aircraft hydraulic systems, and tower cranes—has created the XS200, an electronic humidor that may be the most viable way to eliminate human error from the long-term preservation of aged cigars. The freestanding unit holds dozens of cigars in two pull-out drawers and can accommodate up to four additional boxes on two Spanish-cedar shelves. It is equipped with a refillable 1-liter distilled-water tank, which will notify you (via a subtle alarm) the moment that its sensors detect the water level dipping to precarious level. Aside from that, you only have to set the unit to the appropriate settings; the XS200 takes care of the rest.

    The company also specializes in wine-refrigeration units, one of which handsomely matches this humidor. We’ve always been a fan of combining a good smoke with a Napa Cabernet; and now, thanks to Liebherr, such a pairing couldn’t be easier.

    Liebherr USA,