Robb Report Vices

Seeing Is Believing

    The deep creases in your skin, the puffy bags under your eyes, they tell a story of the night before—one of revelry, intrigue, and overindulgence, and one that oftentimes is best left untold. Fortunately, Tom Ford can help you keep that story under wraps. Over the years, the fashion magnate has guided us into the perfectly tailored tuxedo, shielded our eyes with leather-rimmed sunglasses, and given us captivating scents accented by hints of tobacco and vanilla. Now he has launched a men’s line of grooming products that will keep us looking younger and less hung-over.

    Tom Ford’s new collection includes a face wash, lotions, and lip balms, all of which offer long-term facial benefits. However, when it comes to combating the casualties that our skin has endured from the night before, two products go above and beyond the call of duty. The Skin Revitalizing Concentrate delivers on its promise, providing a healthy glow and softer lines after a single application. The Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment offers immediate relief, thanks to its cool, silver-tipped applicator, while the serum itself tames and tightens those once-puffy signs of exhaustion.

    Together, these products take us from high-alert dishevelment to looking good in no time. What’s more, they add some much-needed plausibility to our dubious claims of being well rested. For that, Mr. Ford, we thank you.