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Smoke Your Bourbon

Among the great pleasures associated with pipe smoking are discovering new tobaccos and having passionate conversations about the nuances of each blend. During one of the many frigid days that bludgeoned New York City this winter, we walked into the Nat Sherman Townhouse—an exceptional purveyor of fine tobacco in all forms—and presented the discerning vendor behind the counter with a challenge. We wanted a smooth, medium-bodied tobacco that could stand up to a cigar smoker’s expectations. But that’s not all. We had recently experimented with fragrant, aromatic blends, and though we enjoyed the sweet notes that they delivered on the nose, we wanted a tobacco that could deliver a deep, intrinsic sweetness on the palate.

With just a moment’s pause, the tobacconist reached for a tin of FrogMorton’s Cellar pipe tobacco, popped it open, and introduced us to a pleasingly rich whiskey-like aroma. Each tin of FrogMorton’s Cellar, as we learned, is filled with a blend of Latakia and Virginia tobaccos and packed with a stave cube from a bourbon barrel. Just as American oak infuses sweet vanilla undertones into good bourbons, it delivers similar hints of vanilla in FrogMorton’s Cellar.

Pipe smoking is regaining favor among tobacco enthusiasts, but it’s also attracting first-time smokers. Whether you’re a serious smoker or a newcomer to the pursuit, if you’re contemplating a pipe purchase, FrogMorton’s Cellar is reason enough to give one a try.