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The Spirit of Giving

    A carefully controlled amount of water can be found at the core of any expertly crafted cocktail; it’s why the most proficient bartenders will either shake or stir a libation until the shaker frosts over. That layer of frost not only serves as an indicator that the drink is properly chilled, it also marks the proper amount of ice melt. The water serves as a binding agent that marries the sometimes divergent flavors of the spirits and mixers. 

    When it comes to enjoying a rare spirit neat, however, the presence of ice is a dangerous proposition. Take aged rums, for example. While it may be divine to sip one chilled, even the slightest melt from an ice cube can dilute the sweet flavors and nuanced undertones that the rum’s wooden cask imparted to the spirit years before.

    Fortunately, Spindle & Sin recently unveiled a new handcrafted ceramic liquor chiller that provides an ideal solution to this dilemma. The thermoelectric bar-top device is both quiet and compact, and it pours spirits at a glorious 15 degrees Fahrenheit. While there are many applications for such a product, here are a few that immediately come to mind:

    • An on-demand martini dispenser for the office. (It’s time we get back to greeting clients with something better than lukewarm coffee.)
    • Ice-cold tequila shots at home.
    • A place to pour all those vodka bottles in the freezer. Now you’ll actually have a place to store all those holiday-meal leftovers.