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A Super Six-Pack

Football may be America’s number one sport, but you could argue that fantasy football is as popular as the sport itself. After all, who wouldn’t want to draft a super team of offensive players in hopes of winning it all?

If you ask us, nothing goes better with football than beer, so we’ve taken a fantasy approach to our brews. Below is our ideal six-pack—a combination of beers and styles that we feel is unbeatable. As for what makes this a fantasy: Some beers are only available for limited times during the year, while others have very limited ranges of distribution (we’re looking at you, Pliny and Heady Topper). And yes, we realize that we’ve listed seven beers here and not six, but we wanted to include an exceptional IPA that can be accessed on either coast.

Finding all of these beers at one time and in one place is likely impossible. Nevertheless, they’re all standout selections; and as Ben Mesirow—a bartender and craft-beer specialist at the Sunset Beer Company in Los Angeles—explains, each one is a super accompaniment to any Super Bowl party.


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