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Take the Game Online

Last year, almost 40 million people visited the City of Sin, and we’re willing to bet that many of them spent time counting stacks of chips at a few of the casinos on the strip—there are close to 30 of them, after all. The problem with that, of course, is that gambling must be done indoors. As we’ve spotlighted elsewhere in this issue of Robb Vices, Vegas is also home to many spectacular pools and day clubs (click here for that story). Historically, those looking to gamble had to sacrifice time spent relaxing in the sun and by the pool. But now, thanks to Real Gaming, a new real-money online poker site, gamblers with a tablet or smartphone can bet the flop and push all in on the river from the confines of a private cabana or while stretched out on a daybed.

“The true differentiator of Real Gaming is that players can access the site on any device, anywhere and anytime,” says Lawrence Vaughan, the technology specialist who oversaw the site’s development and implementation. “We felt that this was the top priority to bring to online poker playing.

“We took our time,” he continues, “to carefully develop a new online poker-playing experience that is user-friendly in terms of its functionality, and most importantly, it is entirely safe and accessible. Unlike other online poker sites, we created Real Gaming by developing software from scratch, exclusive to us and our players. We are utilizing the newest technologies available in order to set the foundation for future development and continued innovation.”

Real Gaming offers a wide array of table stakes, starting with blinds as small as 1 and 2 cents and increasing to high-stakes games. Depending on the stakes that you play, you may even find yourself at a digital table with a professional player or two. In such a scenario, it’s important not to panic. Those easily detectable tells that you just can’t seem to hide? They won’t be a factor online. You can even play without those sunglasses—unless, of course, you’re at the pool.