Versatile Playmakers – Brown Ales

There’s a growing trend in the NFL of drafting former basketball players as tight ends and lining them up to play various receiver roles. Yes, they may be designated as tight ends, but these athletic pass catchers are far more versatile.

In the world of craft brewing, Dogfish Head’s Indian Brown Ale is the basketball-star-turned-tight-end-receiver. The beer materialized from the brewery’s experiments blending Scotch ales, IPAs, and American brown ales. “It looks like a brown ale, but it doesn’t taste like most other brown ales,” says Mesirow. “It has the sweetness of a Scotch ale, the roasted flavor that comes from the brown-ale style, and they hop it like an IPA, but the hops are pretty subtle—they add a lighter, floral, earthy undertone. 

“It’s cool and weird. There’s nothing else like it.”  


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