Established in 1977, Roberto Coin, Inc. has exemplified ingenuity in craftsmanship and a resurgence of individuality in jewelry designs.  With the fusion of age-old techniques and modern innovations, Roberto Coin has become recognized the world over for his fashionable creations and attention to artistic detail.  In accordance with the company’s dedication to its customers in creating wearable works of art, in the Fall of 2003, Roberto Coin created an extraordinary collection that has set a new standard for jewelry today.  Using his talent and vision for design, Roberto Coin, introduced a brand extension of the company with the world premiere of a new diamond collection known as the ROBERTO COIN CENTO COLLECTION.  The Cento Collection incorporates the creativity and quality of Italian workmanship with the magnificence of an incomparable diamond cut ranging from fashion to bridal collections.

With an exclusive introduction in the United States, the Roberto Coin Cento Collection brings to fruition the world’s ultimate 100-facet diamond.  The word “Cento” (CHEN-TO) meaning “100” in Italian, is also used as slang for “perfection”.   The design processes in the creation of the Cento diamond involved the collaboration of Roberto Coin’s vision for design and the craftsmanship of diamond master cutters.  Over a span of three years, more than 1000 days, and after experimenting with an overwhelming quantity of carats of diamond rough, the perfected new diamond cut was revealed. 

The supplementary facets of the Cento have the greatest impact on the pattern resulting in a more pronounced scintillation than is typically encountered with a standard round brilliant cut.  When the Cento is viewed through a prismatic scope, the technical exactness of its symmetry is made obvious by a distinctly visible equilateral floral pattern.  In addition to the number of facets, the size, arrangement and angles of the facets also make a significant contribution in the increase of the Cento diamond’s fire (more facets, more fire).  

With the initial launch, ROBERTO COIN CENTO COLLECTION had featured original designs of stud earrings and solitaire pendants crafted from 18-karat white gold and yellow gold.  Since then, the Cento Collection has developed in to a lavish line emphasizing fashion and bridal jewelry.  And each sophisticated piece has been “ruby-kissed” (set precisely to touch the skin) with the Roberto Coin signature “Hidden Ruby”, representing a culturally universal message of romance and a trademark of authenticity.  

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