Foreo Issa Electric Toothbrush

Perfect for after hearty holiday meals, this eight-speed toothbrush cleans teeth with a vengeance...

Foreo Issa electric toothbrush: $199

Foreo has delivered a new toothbrush aimed at improving on both the performance and design of standard electric models. Its sleek style is lightweight and easy to hold, made of soft silicone bristles ergonomically designed for hard-to-reach crevices. Rather than the rotating heads of most electric brushes, the Foreo Issa electric toothbrush pulsates at eight speeds. It also pauses its pulses every 30 seconds as a cue to move to a different region of the mouth. The quick-drying bristles are easy on the gums and nonporous, helping prevent bacterial growth. The head needs replacement only once per year and the battery charge lasts for 365 uses, eliminating the need for an ungainly charging station and making this toothbrush an easy travel companion. (

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