Heritage Auctions to Sell 24 Vintage Lalique Clocks on November 21

The auction will offer examples of all but six of René Lalique’s clock designs…


Vintage clocks by René Lalique are just as gorgeous as the French glass artist’s car mascots, but they haven’t received nearly as much attention. An auction taking place at Heritage in Dallas on November 21 promises to change that. After 25 years of pursuing vintage Lalique clocks, a collector has consigned a group of 24 different examples—just six shy of being a complete set. “This is the largest collection I’ve ever come across or heard of,” says Nick Dawes, a Heritage vice president of special collections who has more than three decades of experience with vintage Lalique pieces. He is also the person who sold the collector in question his first clock. No one has managed to assemble a full set of Lalique clocks. “It could take you the rest of your life,” Dawes says. “Some are incredibly rare and difficult to find.” Still, this auction offers a heck of a head start. (ha.com