Profiles in History to Auction Some $6 Million Worth of Movie Memorabilia

The vast collection of Morris Everett Jr. is only available as a single lot…


If you have a soft spot for movies and a spare $6 million to $8 million, Profiles in History has a once-in-a-lifetime deal for you. On December 17, the Calabasas, Calif., auction house will sell Morris Everett Jr.’s peerless collection of movie posters, lobby cards, and other ephemera—more than 196,000 pieces and counting, dating from 1907 forward—as a single lot. Everett, a 74-year-old from Cleveland, Ohio, began collecting five decades ago and is finding the habit hard to break; as late as mid-November, he was still adding fresh purchases.

“This is the best collection in the world, better than the Academy [of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences],” says Joe Maddalena, president and CEO of Profiles in History. “The price is reasonable compared to what it’s worth because Everett hopes that someone will come along and improve and complete it.” (