Top 10 Most Expensive Marvel and DC Comic Books Ever Sold


Chronicling the exploits of superhuman heroes with questionable fashion sense since the 1930s, comic books continue to capture the global imagination, even in this digital age. Through World War II down to the complicated geopolitical landscape of today, the multicolor morality plays portray the universal struggle between good and evil and, ultimately, offer an undying hope in humanity. It may be for this reason that their value has increased exponentially over time and why collectors are willing to pay top dollar for certain titles. (Cost is dependent on condition, as confirmed by a 1 to 10 grade administered by the Certified Guaranty Company, or CGC). In anticipation of the film Captain America: Civil War—opening May 6 and starring Jeremy Renner, who graces the cover of Robb Report's May issue— presents the 10 Costliest Comic Books in History (as compiled by—page-turners with prices that pack a punch.