80 Amazing Holiday Gifts: Office Accessories

The holiday cheer need not end when you return to work with these extraordinary items…

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Mrs. John L Strong Stationery: from $2,000

Mrs. John L Strong proves that the art form of letter writing is not a ghost of Christmas past. The New York–based stationery company uses a combination of its early 20th-century techniques and modern technology to craft bespoke stationery in nearly every imaginable design. Each client can choose from the company’s select dies to emblem anything from a family crest to a personally designed logos. (mrsstrong.com) —Kelsey Robertson


Graf von Faber-Castell Snakewood: $525 to $775

A new set of limited-edition writing instruments crafted from one of the most expensive woods on the planet, the Graf von Faber-Castell Snakewood collection would make a handsome addition to any work space. Named for its distinctive mottled, reddish-brown grain resembling the scales of a serpent, the snakewood used to make the instruments’ barrels is harvested from an exotic, slow-growing tree native to South America. The collection comprises a fountain pen, a rollerball, a ballpoint pen, and a mechanical pencil. (graf-von-faber-castell.us) —John Lyon


MB&F Melchior Desk Clock: $35,000

From the fanciful mind of Maximilian Büsser comes the MB&F Melchior, a robot-shaped desk clock sure to enthrall any inner child. The watch’s pulsating balance spring sits in the robot’s head, representing its brain, while two retrograde 20-seconds hands in its eyes give the impression it is scanning the room. Melchior is available in two color schemes, light or dark. (mbandf.com) —J.L.

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