Stylishly Understated Rugs from Scott Group Studio Ensure No Design Regret

Scott Group Studio Debuts Six Organic Designs that Dress Up Neutral Territory

Selecting the right rug is often a contest between chasing the aesthetic thrills of a Paul Smith print and playing it safe in gray or beige—beige usually prevails. Fortunately, Scott Group Custom Carpets presents an elevated take on neutral territory with the Basho collection—a series of dimensional, hand-tufted rugs that offer subtlety without settling.

Basho is the Japanese word for “place.” Inspired by nature, the company’s design team lets that concept unfold, pursuing a deeper theme of balance in the home. The line features six designs in quiet tones—beige, gray, sand, and ivory—though clients can commission a custom rug from the company in any color. Each one is made in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Scott Group Custom Carpets, a specialty division of designer resource Scott Group Studio, also creates artisan-made carpets for private aviation and yacht clients.

While the overall impression is understatement, a closer look at Basho reveals thoughtful pairings of material and technique. Materials like wool, mulberry silk, and worsted wool—some of the world’s most luxurious and long-wearing fibers in rug-making tradition—lay the foundation for sophisticated striae, over-tufts, and under-tufts. While some motifs, like Roush V, are strong graphic statements, others like Typhanna have an easy, California-cool attitude, and Lykke appears to ripple in perpetual motion.

The effect is one of harmony; each pattern plays nice with the furniture while holding its own. If a high-quality rug is the style equivalent of good cologne—enhancing the room with limited fanfare—Basho’s low-key vibes and appealing motifs safeguard against the greatest of design sins: regret.

The Basho collection starts at $4,640. To inquire, call 616.954.3200.

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