Cutlery with Craft

Irish artist John Gerrard’s work often deals with the impact of human consumption on our environment, as in the agri-industrial landscapes he unveiled at the Venice Biennale in June 2009. So he was the perfect choice to collaborate on eating utensils for Artware Editions, a gallery that works with renowned visual artists to create functional items with a visual and conceptual relationship to the artists’ larger bodies of work. Gerrard’s resulting Bone Cutlery, cast from skeletal parts of a goat, comments on the disassociation we have between animals and the way they arrive as food on our table. The limited-edition collection includes a five-piece place setting (500 sets available for $650 each), a three-piece silver-plated setting (500 sets for $450 each), and salad tossers (100 pairs for $300 each); sterling is available by request. (212.463.7490,

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