A Natural Marvel

Louis Kazan has added a new piece to its Venus coffee table collection, a line that debuted in 2013 in a lacquered wood version with an inset crystal top. The Venus Rustic table, introduced in March, has a white-lacquered, rough-hewn texture that distinguishes it from its siblings (the table also is available with a finish of exotic wood veneer). Though each version of the Venus table is made with a metal interior and solid wooden frame carefully melded together, the Rustic’s exterior is crafted from Brazilian imbuia wood that retains the natural surface grooves from the layer under the tree’s bark. All of the Venus tables are available as a single (one panel) or double (two panels with a connecting base) and range in price from $5,500 to $8,500, depending on the size and finish.

Luiz Mario Moura and Graça Kazan, the Brazilian design duo behind Louis Kazan, pull creative motivation for all their furniture from nature, and the Venus is no exception. The inspiration for the substantial coffee table—a double version measures 94.5 inches long by 63 inches wide—came from the pororoca: a tidal bore that occurs where the Amazon River meets the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. The result is a wave-wall of water up to 12 feet tall, racing upstream at speeds up to 15 mph. While the designers may have taken their cues from the pororoca, they probably did not intend Venus’s owners to surf the coffee table. (www.louiskazan.com

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