Robb Design Portfolio: Let’s Play Two

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The Duo Grand, a conjoined pair of 6-foot-long grand pianos from Brunswick, Germany’s Grotrian Pianos (, was designed for duets. That much is obvious. Less apparent is the soundboard bridge that connects the two instruments, facilitating the transfer of string vibration from the soundboard of one to that of the other. The oversize, single lid allows for a unified projection of sound from both pianos.

A decade ago, Grotrian made the first Duo Grand, a pairing of two 9-foot-long grands for the Turkish pianist duo of Elif and Bedii Aran. Grotrian says that it can construct a Duo Grand from any of its grand pianos, but so far it has built only two. The second is the model shown here, which has a gunmetal paint job from Volkswagen and is available for purchase for $185,000 through J-B Piano Co. (415.456.9280, of San Rafael, Calif.

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