The San Francisco Design Team BAMO Creates High-Impact Interiors across the Globe

Four good friends turned their living-room start-up into an international design firm…


Originally published in the September/October 2015 issue of Robb Report Home & Style as “Portfolio: BAMO

Four good friends—Pamela Babey, Michael Booth, Gerry Jue, and David Moulton—were working for the renowned San Francisco designer Charles Pfister in the 1980s, collaborating with the best talents in the business. When Pfister died and his office closed in 1990, the four decided to found their own company, Babey Moulton Jue & Booth. In the best start-up tradition, they all worked out of Babey’s living room for the first week. Since then, Moulton has retired, Dorothy Greene and Steve Henry have joined as principals, the staff has grown to around 45, and the firm’s nickname, BAMO, has become the official moniker. But BAMO’s goals have remained consistent: The San Francisco team specializes in the interior design of high-end residences and hotels. Babey’s first assignment, completed in 1993, was the Four Seasons in Milan, and Jue recently supervised the design of a model unit for the Four Seasons Private Residences in Bangkok. In between, the firm has worked with Peninsula, Ritz-Carlton, and Mandarin Oriental, while also designing properties and yachts in California, Hong Kong, and Abu Dhabi. “Because of our training,” says Jue, “we understand an architect’s priorities, and all the firms we’ve worked with feel that their work has been enhanced by our contribution.”