Speed Meets Aerodynamics With the New Airfoil Desk

Constantly pushing the envelope of furniture innovation with daring designs, Timothy Oulton introduces the Airfoil desk. Inspired by the sense of lift that comes when speed and aerodynamics meet, this beautifully handcrafted piece hovers over the ground on a geometrically engineered base. Simple tools and time-honored techniques are the driving principles behind the creation of the Airfoil desk, completed in Timothy Oulton’s signature Spitfire finish in salute to the iconic British Spitfire fighter plane which ruled the skies in World War II.

The Airfoil theory was defined in the 1920s and is now a major factor in aerodynamic design. The shape of the curve affects lift and drag creating a flow field around the airfoil with a higher top-surface velocity. The design depends on exact calculations of geometry. The same absolute precision is applied to the making of the Airfoil desk.

Several time-intensive stages are absolutely necessary to bring this design to life in the most authentic way possible. After the wooden frame is shaped by hand, aluminium panels are cut by hand with great precision so that each sheet can interlock to form the rugged Spitfire finish. The sheets are then carefully arranged onto the frame. Next, the metal base is cut, bent and welded together to form a robust yet elegant geometry upon which the Spitfire top can float. With the most basic tools the steel legs are hand molded to fit the supporting pod feet. Lastly, the desk is assembled and the hidden drawers are finished with heavy canvas. From raw beginnings, a deliberate and beautifully handcrafted piece is delivered.

The Airfoil desk is part of Timothy Oulton’s new 2014 Jet collection, inspired by the world of speed racing and precision engineering. 

For more information please contact Susan Becher & Associates; ameacham@susanbecherpr.com

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