Sony Considering high-definition 4K video as an aspect of design

Video, much like music, is beginning to take a different place in Western life. New lifestyle choices and mood-setting activities are being enabled by unique design choices and manufacturers’ embrace of conveniences offered by recent technological innovations. In the instance of TV technology, increased picture realism and higher resolutions are allowing video experiences to be considered as a part of home design and room ambience in ways never before possible. While the TV set itself was once the focal point of a room, now TVs are becoming unobtrusive, as owners are mounting them on walls, hiding them behind picture frames, and even doing away with the TV altogether in favor of projectors.

The concept of setting the ambience with video is not new; indeed, live performances by bands of all genres are regularly supplemented by video footage or graphics in the background. Not only does this set the mood for the music, it also makes the concert experience itself more lively and engaging. Similarly, physical art and design in a home can set the ambience and mood for a room, and often designers will select colors and shape profiles that are consistent with the local geography or the owner’s personality, implementing design choices like accent walls and unique colors to fit the home. Combining the logic of video at a concert venue with considerations of aesthetics and design in a home, using video to add ambience and design to a room makes for a unique and intriguing design choice. In some cases, video as design is already common practice, as with stereotypical crackling-fireplace videos used by some during the holidays. As video technology continues to improve, concepts like a “video accent wall” could become more commonplace in the design-oriented home.

One of the first steps in this direction is Sony’s 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector. With a credenza-like appearance and sharp design features that are sure to complement any modern approach to a room, the projector will allow for up to 147 inches of ultra-high quality video to be projected onto a wall. Imagine this scenario with your favorite nature-related mood videos for a relaxing evening, or an exciting concert playing in the background while entertaining guests. Indeed, Sony’s Ultra Short Throw is a great step in the continued evolution of how video plays out in our lives, and could herald additional advancements in the concept of using video as an aspect of home design beyond the simple considerations of TV placement.

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