How does the price of the Sony 4K ultra short throw projector compare with other 4K display alternatives?
There are a wide range of 4K display alternatives currently on the market. Flat and curved 4K TVs can range from $25K for an 85” Sony 4K TV to $100,000 for an 108” LG curved 4K TV or even more for a Samsung custom 110” 4K TV. Fixed projectors also range from $28,000 for a Sony 4K projector to as much as $250,000. These alternatives are LED based and do not use laser delivery of the image.

How much 4K content is available?
Now you can download over 200 4K movies from Video Unlimited 4K and stream Netflix in 4K Ultra HD. The Sony 4K ultra short throw projector comes with 50 free videos and independent films that showcase the true beauty of 4K detail. Other 4K content like those available via YouTube are too many to count.

How do I play 4K content on my projector?
There are a number of ways to enjoy 4K content on your Sony 4K ultra short throw projector.

  • Connect your 4K projector to the Sony 4K Media Player FMP-X10 using the High Speed HDMI cable (supplied)
  • Check the network environment requirements and connect the 4K Media Player to the Internet via a wired LAN connection. This will allow you to download or stream 4K content from Video Unlimited 4K or Netflix.
  • For more detail on how to play 4K content in these ways please explore the links provided below:

Enjoying pre-installed 4K video content

Enjoying 4K video content on Video Unlimited 4K

Enjoying 4K video content on Netflix

What will HD content look like on the Sony 4K projector?
Not all content is currently available in 4K. In fact, your cable or satellite programming will be delivered to your Sony 4K ultra short throw projector in HD. However, the projector has a built in up-converter that will increase the resolution of your HD source significantly (although not completely to 4K).

See the image below for an example of
how the up-converted images will appear.

How long does the bulb or laser last on the Sony 4K projector?
The estimated life of the laser used to deliver the crystal clear 147” image from your Sony 4K projector is 20,000 hours. If you watch 5 hours of television per day 7 days per week, this translates into 10.96 years. If you are an avid fan and watch 7 hours per day everyday, this would provide a 7.83 year life of the laser.

Can the projector and cabinets be easily damaged if my children sit or fall on it?
Like all consumer electronics, the Sony 4k ultra short throw projector is a precise piece of equipment. The modular cabinets and speakers are not likely to be damaged by someone sitting on them or placing objects on them for display. However, you should always to careful not to place heavy weight on the laser when the top is open.

How easy is it to connect my content sources (cable, satellite) to the projector?
The Sony 4K ultra short throw projector is equipped with multiple HDMI connectors. As a result, more content sources, audio and video systems will be as easy as just connecting an HDMI cable.

Will the projector work with my surround sound system?
The Sony 4K ultra short throw projector has two full range speakers included as part of the modular system. As most external sound systems are linked to an audio received, these are relatively simple to connect to the content source and can be stored in the cabinets included with the system.

Will the projector work with my household control system (Crestron, Savant)?
Yes, the Sony 4K ultra short throw projector will be compatible with Crestron, Savant, Control4 by the end of this year (2014). Please not that you may require your installer or integrator of the control system to program that link to the projector.

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