Taking 4K TV design seriously

Allowing furniture pieces to make their own individual room statements is a key element of a cohesive room that successfully evokes the emotion and mood targeted by the designer. While some pieces are designated to make loud statements and have a clear visual draw, others should take the subtle approach of lying low, making a significant impact on the room’s design from a quieter perspective. Mixing statement and subtle pieces is just one option; designers can also aim for the more muted tones and recessed design approaches that choose minimalism over excess, allowing the room’s structures and angles to speak for themselves.

AV technology often can be burdensome, needing to be incorporated into the room design rather than be a focal element of the design. However, for those who find having a conventional TV mounted to the wall or sitting on a stand clichéd and even unsightly, there are alternatives. While not without its own challenges, many do choose a projector over other options. In a room that strives for absolute simplicity, projectors can still be an unattractive distraction. For some, home theaters have required separate rooms, and video is often cordoned off into another part of the home so as not to infringe on the designer’s intent.

Recent product releases have freed room designers from being bound to technology as an inconvenience. Sony’s new 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector has managed to rectify these problems while catering to the higher-resolution desires of those interested in uncompromising quality. As a design piece with a credenza shape that caters to both rooms that aim for a minimalist approach and those with louder statement pieces, the projector eliminates any inconvenience that may come from conventional AV equipment. Additionally, the smooth, rectangular angles of the aluminum sides in Sony’s design are sure to blend well with a wide variety of color palettes and other furniture pieces. This allows the projected TV image itself to become an element of the design as well. With the simplicity of a projector, video takes center stage when it needs to and steps back as a beautiful piece of furniture when not in use.

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