Ferragamo’s Eco-friendly Footwear

Salvatore Ferragamo has long had a reputation for turning out sophisticated men’s dress shoes made from high-quality leather and skins. This season, the Italian luxury brand is showing its softer side with the introduction of Ferragamo World, a compact six-piece assortment of men’s casual boots, moccasins, and sport sneakers made of completely sustainable and bio-friendly materials. Even the process is eco-friendly: The skins are finished using a new water-tanning process, as opposed to harsh chemical dyes, and water-soluble adhesives, in place of glues, to eliminate the harmful waste typically associated with the shoe-making process. In an effort to maximize the comfort of the shoes, Ferragamo has created an exclusive ergonomic sole made of a bio-friendly rubber material that also incorporates at its core an indented oval surface for added support and balance with every step.

In keeping with the World theme of the collection, Ferragamo is simultaneously embarking on a global initiative in collaboration with the nonprofit Acumen Fund to help fight poverty in third-world countries. A percentage of the proceeds from all sales on Ferragamo World footwear, $275 to $340, will be invested in business enterprises that deliver safe drinking water, clean energy, and agricultural inputs to those in desperate need of such resources. (800.628.8916, www.ferragamo.com)

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