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Dangene McKay-Bailey’s skincare treatments do not include pampering—no shoulder, hand, or foot massages, no scented sheets or herbal teas. To improve your skin, says McKay-Bailey, you have to be committed to her program, just as you have to dedicate yourself to an exercise regimen if you want to get in shape.

In fact, McKay-Bailey calls herself “a personal trainer for the skin” and recommends that clients go through one-hour circuit-training sessions at her Manhattan office on a weekly basis for about six to 12 weeks ($1,250 for the first session, including consultation; $26,000 for a yearlong, 52-session package). “You need to see your trainer weekly to keep your body in shape, and the same goes for your skin,” says McKay-Bailey, who is 52 and has skin that appears glowing and smooth.

Depending on the assessment of your skin, a session with McKay-Bailey might include a dry or wet microdermabrasion—exfoliation procedures involving either a diamond-dust-tipped wand or a plastic-tipped wand that emits serums—or a hyperbaric oxygen treatment, during which she uses a nebulizer to apply oxygen infused with vitamins A, E, and C directly to your face. She says that the oxygen and vitamins will hydrate your skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and help heal any abrasions.

McKay-Bailey, who operated her business in Beverly Hills for 15 years before relocating to Manhattan’s Upper East Side in 2009, says that most of her clients are women but she also works with a number of men who want to look as young as their girlfriends or wives. Many of her male clients do not have the time or desire to participate in hour-long weekly sessions to repair the damage done by too much time under the sun on yachts, golf courses, or tennis courts. Thus McKay-Bailey now offers a two- or three-day program called Fast Track, during which you spend about two or three hours each day receiving what McKay-Bailey refers to as a head-to-toe “resurfacing.”

The Fast Track treatments are designed to fix broken capillaries, lighten dark circles, smooth wrinkles, and remove freckles, brown spots, and skin tags. Typically, McKay-Bailey will resurface your skin with a series of procedures that can include the use of lasers to promote new cell growth.

McKay-Bailey notes that, depending on the condition of your skin, you might have to set aside more than two or three days for the Fast Track; some of her clients have chosen deeper-than-usual treatments, which required a day or two to heal.

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