Ralph Lauren PoloTech Smart Shirt

WHAT: Smart-fabric shirt that tracks biometric stats

WHY: Like wearing a personal trainer

Using OMsignal technology, the Ralph Lauren PoloTech shirt ($295) is designed to track physical activity for optimal performance, offering customized cardio, strength, and agility workouts based on data it collects through wires and silver fibers woven into the fabric. A rechargeable Bluetooth-enabled black-box unit with a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope monitors movement based on g forces, as well as additional biometric information, such as calories burned, steps taken, and overall intensity. The fabric picks up information ranging from heart rate and breathing depth to stress levels and effort. The statistics are live-streamed to the PoloTech app for iPhone or Apple Watch and used to tailor a personalized training program with more than 10,000 possible exercise combinations.


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