10 Autumn-to-Winter Menswear Essentials to Keep You Stylish Throughout the Seasons


Artisanship, timeless style, and passion: These are the foundation blocks upon which The Armoury was built. The menswear store, which opened in Hong Kong 6 years ago and recently debuted in New York City, has quickly garnered a devoted following, with over 55,000 Instagram followers and counting. The brand’s success is due in part to its cofounder Mark Cho—the 33-year-old entrepreneur has a classic take on menswear and a keen eye for thoughtfully crafted merchandise. Cho, who also co-owns London-based menswear brand Drake’s, recently shared with Robb Report the 10 menswear pieces that transition seamlessly from autumn to winter. From Albert Camus’s trademark trench to the Scottish whisky of sweaters, the following selections are bound to be wardrobe staples through the seasons and for years to come. (thearmoury.com)