Five Classic Shoes Every Gentleman Needs in His Wardrobe [SLIDESHOW]

Expert Steven Taffel of New York’s Leffot breaks down the essential shoes every man should own…


The search for the perfect shoes may seem endless, but according to Steven Taffel—founder and owner of Leffot, the celebrated multi-brand men’s shoe store in Manhattan’s West Village—there is a key factor that can aid in decision making: Instead of focusing on what’s in, seek classic styling of the highest quality. “Trends come and go,” explains Taffel, whose store offers a handpicked selection of the latest high-end and made-to-order footwear by leading shoemakers from around the globe. “I stay away from trends, and instead follow subtle changes, such as the shape of the last (the mold used to make shoes) or the cut of the waist. These simple changes give the shoe and foot an elegant and flattering appearance.”

We asked Taffel—who worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years before opening Leffot in 2008—to shed light on the must-have classic styles for men’s formal and informal needs. The following are five essential shoes for every gentleman. (