Five Ways to Wear a Three-Piece Suit [SLIDESHOW]

Blogger and tastemaker Brian Sacawa of He Spoke Style shares his fashion tips for three-piece suits…


These days, with the resurgence of classic menswear and, with it, a lessening of the stigma of being a well-dressed man, three-piece suits have made a notably strong comeback. No longer just for older gentlemen or urban dandies, at least one three-piece suit belongs in every modern man’s wardrobe. We are conditioned to think of a three-piece suit as an extremely formal garment. And, yes, it can be. In dark colors, fabrics with a bit of a sheen, or styled with a formal touch, it certainly does come off as formal. But like the rules of style, there are always exceptions. From the office to every day, here are five ways to wear a three-piece suit.

Brian Sacawa is the founder and face of He Spoke Style, a dedicated menswear blog which he began two years ago as an approachable resource for the everyday man. Since then, he has garnered a loyal following with his unique and thoughtful approach to modern classic menswear.